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Bhairav Paleja

Bhairav Paleja

NameBhairav Paleja


DesignationResearch Fellow

Highest DegreePhD

Degree InstituteACTREC (Advanced Centre for treatment, research and education in cancer), India

Degree year2012

Joined TII2016

RoleBhairav's role at TII is as a cellular immunologist. He is currently a post-doctoral research fellow and acting team leader on various academic and industrial projects.

Currently working onBhairav is currently working on understanding the role of the immune system in health, autoimmune and allergic conditions. He is currently leading projects that explore the "immunome" and its role in pathogenesis of systemic sclerosis and osteoarthritis. He is involved in a project aiming to understand the role of regulatory T cells in promoting long term tolerance in liver transplant patients. Bhairav also engages in unraveling the role of lymphoid and myeloid cells in mouse model of IL-11 mediated fibrosis.

Bhairav's research interests are…Bhairav's research interest is in human and mouse immunology with a focus on T cell biology especially un-conventional T cells including innate-like MAIT and gamma-delta T and regulatory T cells.

Long term wish tocontinue using multi-omics approach for understanding the role of the immune system in health and disease and its application from a diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic point of view.


Projects involved with1. Exploring the inflammatory signatures underlying progression of knee osteoarthritis
2. Immune landscape in systemic sclerosis
3. Immune profile of race and rejection after kidney transplantation
4. Inflammatory mechanisms in seizure and refractory epilepsy