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Amanda Lim

Amanda Lim

NameAmanda Lim


DesignationResearch Associate

Highest DegreeMasters

Degree InstituteNUS

Degree year2016

Joined TII2016

RoleAmanda's role is to assist team leaders in the execution of academic projects and support the general housekeeping of the laboratory.

Currently working onAmanda is currently working on a variety of research projects. She is investigating the role of the immunome in heart failure patients in Singapore. She is also involved in a project looking at how the immunome is regulated in paediatric epilepsy. Finally, she is working on elucidating the roles of the mother’s and foetus’ immune system in pre-term development.

Amanda's research interests are…Amanda's research interest is human immunology and its link to seemingly unrelated topics such as heart failure and pre-term development.

Long term wish tocontinue using cutting-edge technology to gain a wholesome view of the human immunome and the parts it has to play in human disease.


Projects involved with1. Inflammatory mechanisms in seizure and refractory epilepsy
2. Preterm Immunome (PRIMO) Study