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Ahmad Lajam

Ahmad Lajam

NameAhmad Lajam


DesignationResearch Officer

Highest DegreeBachelors in Biomedical Sciences

Degree InstituteUniversity of Western Australia

Degree year2015

Joined TII2016

RoleConduct experiments in regards to understanding the mechanisms and progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Works mainly on the HELIOS equipment.

Currently working onEarly Arthritis

Ahmad's research interests are…Discovering cures or more effective treatment for autoimmune diseases.

Long term wish toHopefully continue with research and be a part of something globally impactful.


Projects involved with1. Exploring the inflammatory signatures underlying progression of knee osteoarthritis
2. Immune landscape in systemic sclerosis
3. Immune profile of race and rejection after kidney transplantation