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The Custodian at the Frontline

​Maryjane Liao Flores, Pharmacist, A&E Pharmacy, CGH

Ms Maryjane Liao Flores joined Changi General Hospital (CGH) as a Pharmacy Technician in December 2000, working at the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Pharmacy. Five years ago, she obtained a Singapore Pharmacist License and has been a full-fledged Pharmacist since then.

“I am grateful to CGH for sponsoring my further studies at the National University of Singapore,” she said. “Now, I play a greater role in clinical care, such as dispensing medications, reviewing & verifying medication orders, and conducting talks for Pharmacy Technicians and polytechnic students. I am also part of the Medication Safety Audit Team that conducts audits quarterly to ensure that guidelines and standards under medication management & use (MMU) are adhered to, and a member of Pharmacy Workplace Safety and Health Risk Assessment Team that ensures that potential risks are identified and mitigated at the workplace.”

A stalwart member of the Pharmacy Department for the past 20 years, Maryjane has seen the pharmacy progress from the use of manual Inpatient Medical Records to the Closed Loop Medication Management system used today. The system integrates automated and intelligent systems in inpatient medication management – including prescribing, dispensing and barcode administration of medication – which enhances medication safety and improves the efficiency of the medication management process.

Being in the A&E team at CGH has also brought her to the frontline during three critical infectious disease outbreaks in Singapore’s history, but this only adds more meaning and satisfaction to her work. “Being part of the CGH A&E frontline team during SARS, H1N1 and COVID-19 gives me fulfilment as I can help those in need during those difficult times,” she proudly adds.