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Teaching to Inspire

​Sarah Quek, Senior Nurse Educator, Nursing Education, CGH

In 2003, Sarah took part in a Nursing Debate on the evolution of the role of Nursing and the use of technology in the field. The debate inspired her to think about broader issues in healthcare beyond the routine of her clinical work, and prompted her to look at nursing and healthcare from different perspectives and move out of her comfort zone.


As a Nurse Educator, this is what she wants to encourage in her students as well. Deeply inspired by a clinical teacher who became her role model, Sarah has been guiding the professional development of novices into confident, skilled clinical experts for the past 10 years. According to Sarah, the clinical teacher was not only knowledgeable and skilful, but nurtured her students to develop confidence in their work as well.


“It is a rewarding experience to witness their personal and professional growth,” she said proudly. “After all, education is at the core of quality healthcare for the future, and I am happy to play a role in shaping this future.”


As a member of the Undergrad workgroup at the SingHealth College of Clinical Nursing, Sarah plans and participates in various outreach activities, such as sharing sessions at local tertiary institutions, to attract potential students to choose Nursing as a profession.


“Students often ask about the nature of nursing work, opportunities to specialise and career pathways, and how nurses manage stressful situations,” she said. “They appreciate the first-hand experiences that I share with them, and being able to add value to patient care through this work that I do keeps me going.”