Meet SingHealth transplant coordinators

02 October 2018 | Allied Health 

Transplant coordinators play an important role to facilitate the gift of life to transplant patients and their loved ones. Meet SingHealth’s transplant coordinators who help ensure that patients receive comprehensive and quality care.

“The field of liver transplant is inspiring to me. Seeing how someone give up a part of themselves so that another can live reaffirms my dedication and determination to do better for our patients.”

Cindy Ma
Senior Manager
Liver Transplant Programme
Singapore General Hospital

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“By helping to fulfill the wishes of donors to aid those in need with the gift of sight, I am contributing in making the world a better place.”

Zhang Jia Qin
Principal Eye Donation Counsellor
Singapore Eye Bank
Singapore National Eye Centre

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“It is never easy to broach the topic of organ donation to families who have lost their loved ones. The communication needs to be conducted sensitively and honestly so we can help fulfil the wishes of the deceased to save others through organ donation.”

Ho Pei Ying
Transplant Coordinator
SingHealth Transplant

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“Kidney transplants have helped many patients enjoy a better quality of life, one that is free from dialysis. Each donation is a precious gift of life to another and I am very grateful to play a part in facilitating this gift.”

He Xia
Transplant Coordinator
Renal Transplant Programme
Singapore General Hospital

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“Seven years on the job and I’ve not looked back. Our patients constantly inspire us with their strength and resilience in battling their sickness, never allowing sickness to stand in their way to lead a full life.”

Joycelyn Tan Lili
Senior Clinical Coordinator
Heart & Lung Transplant Programme
National Heart Centre Singapore

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