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COVID-19 Billing Matters For BVH

Updating Information On Admission

To assist us to process your bill and claims, please complete the admission form online using this link.

For billing enquiries, you can call us at (65) 6970 3060. 

Working hours
Mondays to Fridays: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Or please forward your queries via e-mail to

Estimated Charges

  • Daily Estimated* Bill are as follow (Before 7% GST):
  • The rates shown below are only estimates. The final bill size may vary from person to person depending on the actual subsidy accorded to you (if you are a SC & PR), length of stay and services actually incurred.

    Singapore Citizens (SC)

    (After govt. subsidy)

    Permanent Residents (PR)

    (After govt. subsidy)

    Foreign Visitors

    (EP/WP/SP/STVP etc)

    ​Current charges$160 – $512$320 – $576$640
    ​01/07/2021 - 31/03/2022$161 – $515$322 – $579$643

     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • If you have remained in Singapore since the onset of COVID-19, the Government will pay in full for your bill related to COVID-19 treatment.

    • For returning travellers, you will be eligible for Government subsidies (subject to inpatient means-test subsidy status) and MediShield Life / Integrated Shield Plan coverage. You will be required to pay for any remaining balance after MediSave utilisation.

    Foreign visitors will be charged for the inpatient medical bills in full.

    To use third party payer & other financial arrangements, please observe the following:
    • Provide us with their relevant information by completing the admission form online as mentioned above.

    • Contact your insurer, employer and agency to inform them of your hospitalisation, ask if you are covered by them and how they plan to make payment.

    • For returning foreign student under MOE, please provide your school admin / agent / insurer contact person and number to

    • Request the 3rd party payer to provide a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) on their company’s letterhead and duly signed by an authorised officer. A sample copy of an LOG is attached here (see sample here).

    • If our claims to the 3rd party payer is not successful, we will forward the bill to you at the local postal address that you had provided (together with a list of the accepted modes of payment).

    (for Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents Only)

    • All Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Permanent Residents (PRs) are covered under MediShield Life. Those with Integrated Plans (IP) may enjoy higher coverage provided by their private insurers, subject to the benefits and limits under their IP policies.

    • MediShield Life / IP payouts for your hospitalisation bills will be computed based on scheme parameters such as claim limits, deductibles and co-insurance.

    • A list of standard exclusions apply under MediShield Life / IPs. Treatments under this list will not be covered.

    • All pre-existing medical conditions are covered under MediShield Life. However, your private insurer may impose exclusions on your additional private insurance coverage due to such pre-existing medical condition(s). Please check with your private insurer for more information if needed.

    • The use of MediShield Life in approved community hospital for inpatient admissions is subject to a claim limit of $350 per day.

    (for Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents Only)

    • Patients may use their own / immediate family member’s MediSave (capped at MediSave withdrawal limit), and / or cash to pay for the remainder of the bill.

    (Note: Immediate family members include the patient’s spouse, parents and children. SCs & PRs may also use their grandchildren’s or siblings’ MediSave)

    • The use of MediSave in approved community hospital for inpatient admissions is subject to a withdrawal limit of $250 per day, up to a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year.

    • MediSave cannot be used for:
    i. Inpatient stays of less than 8 hours
    ii. Treatment for non-medical purposes (e.g. cosmetics surgeries)
    iii. Appliances (e.g. crutches / walking frames)

    No bill will be sent to you if your treatment cost is fully funded by Singapore government.

    The final bill will be sent to you after MediSave & MediShield Life claims have been made, if any.

    For returning foreign student under MOE, please provide your school admin / agent / insurance contact person and number at the link provided above. If your bill is covered by insurance, you will be required to sign on the Letter of Guarantee (LOG) issued by your insurer and return it to BVH at  After that, we will submit your claim to your insurer.

    Self-Payer - the final bill will be sent to the local address you provided on admission.

    Sponsored by Employer / School / Other Institutions - If your employer or school has agreed to pay for you via Letter of Guarantee (LOG), the final bill will be sent to your 3rd party payer at the address provided by you.

    Insurance (Direct Claims) – If you have a valid insurance with direct claim arrangement, we will make the claims directly to your insurance company after receiving their Letter of Guarantee (LOG). If our claim is successfully, the final bill will be sent to your postal address and to settle the outstanding balance (if any).

    Insurance (Reimbursement) – If you have a valid insurance based on reimbursement terms, the bill will be sent to your local postal address. You will have to pay the full amount first and subsequently you can claim from your insurance company, for reimbursement.