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A Heartwarming Mother Day’s Celebration

Mother's Day Picture 1.jpgMr Xie Jin Shi (fourth from left) and his students


Hokkien singer Xie Jin Shi (谢金石) may not be familiar to you and I, but he is superstar status for the elderly patients at Bright Vision Hospital. One of the pioneers of the Singapore music scene in the early 60s, he is known for his rendition of Hokkien hits.

So when it was announced that Mr Xie and his students would perform for Mothers’ Day on 11 May, many patients were more than thrilled to be serenaded and charmed.

The veteran songster lit up the stage, him and his troupe belting out popular Mandarin and Hokkien classics to about 50 patients and their families during the hour-long performance. When they heard familiar hits like “往事只能回味” and “我问天”, the audience couldn’t help but sing along.

Songs were not all that he brought either. Mr Xie and his troupe wished the audience good health and a Happy Mother’s Day during the performance and distributed goodie bags to our patients.

During an interview with him after the performance, he explained that it was a joy to be able to contribute in his own way to the elderly and his troupe were very happy to celebrate Mother’s Day with the patients.

It may be the troupe’s first performance at BVH, but Mr Xie is sure it won’t be the last, "We look forward to future collaborations with the hospital.”

Mother's Day Picture 2.jpg   The audience captivated by the voices of Mr Xie and his student.

Mother's Day Picture 3.jpg    Famous Hokkien song “我问天” as the grand finale.