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  • Wards are located in upper storeys for better ventilation and less noise, allowing for better quality rest 
  • Indirect lights are installed to reduce discomfort from glare
  • Noise-absorbing ceiling and floor finishes at resting areas to minimise noise
  • Wards are set in North-South direction to boost natural ventilation and reduce heat


Community Spaces


  • Soothing green spaces in the form of Wellness Gardens to provide respite for patients and caregivers
  • "West End" which houses auditoriums, theatres and a childcare centre
  • An open communal space where residents can attend health fairs and workshops
  • "Community Heart" which is a bright space with open skylight as well as food and retail outlets


Amenities and Features


  • Food and retail outlets
  • Pedestrian link bridge connecting to Cheng Lim LRT station
  • Wheelchair-friendly ramps as well as wide corridors and doorways
  • Wi-Fi at designated areas
  • 1,700 parking lots
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