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A wide range of healthcare services is available at Bright Vision Hospital for patients with varying needs.


Inpatient Rehabilitation Care


The comprehensive rehabilitation programme encourages our patients to regain independence in performing daily activities. The programme especially caters to patients who require a longer time to restore and improve physical function as well as delay functional deterioration.

After in-depth assessments, our doctors and allied health team tailor rehabilitative routines and exercises to suit each patient’s unique needs. New technology and advanced equipment are also used in their treatment programmes to meet patients’ full spectrum of rehabilitative goals and needs.


Inpatient Palliative Care


Supported by a team of devoted staff and caregivers, the Palliative Care team provides relief and counselling to patients with advanced terminal illnesses as well as their families.


Inpatient Sub-Acute Care


Patients who are discharged from an acute care facility but still require specialised treatment can continue to receive specialised treatment at BVH. The sub-acute care programme also optimises patients’ medical health before they return home.  


Inpatient Long-Term Care


Long-term medical and nursing care services are provided to chronically ill patients.


Outpatient Rehabilitation Care


The Day Rehabilitation Centre caters to patients who have had strokes, fractures or medical conditions which require an extended period of outpatient rehabilitation to restore and improve their physical function.


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