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Set up in 2017, SingHealth Community Hospitals (SCH) oversees the management of Bright Vision Hospital, as well as the new Sengkang Community Hospital and Outram Community Hospital coming up in 2018 and 2020 respectively. Together, we want to shape the way we deliver person-centred care across healthcare settings, and beyond the hospital to the community.

Being the largest cluster of community hospitals in Singapore, we are able to maximise efficient use of resources, share best practices, and strengthen collaborations among hospitals to better benefit our patients and staff. 



Bridging Care. Building Communities.




Deliver person-centred care to achieve health goals with our patients.



What is our Philosophy of Care?

The community hospitals under SCH provide a homely environment for patients to take part in unhurried personalised care from our multi-disciplinary teams.


Our focus goes beyond patients' length of hospital stay. We want our patients to not just recover from their medical conditions but also regain abilities to integrate into the community. Palliative patients will also receive thoughtful, compassionate and dignified care.



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