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At SingHealth Community Hospitals, every patient is treated as a special individual. Our multidisciplinary healthcare team provides quality care to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of our patients. Focusing on personalised unhurried care, we want our patients to not just recover from their medical conditions but also regain abilities to integrate into the community.




Our team of doctors is committed to providing our patients a high level of care. Comprising rehabilitation, sub-acute, dementia and palliative care, our clinicians focus on achieving the best possible outcome for our patients.




Nurses touch the lives of patients and their family members in countless ways. They are an essential part of the healthcare team and go beyond providing quality care to the patients.  As they walked alongside with patients during their road to recovery, they support and provide comfort and relief to their medical needs and pain. At SingHealth Community Hospitals, our nurses work closely with the medical team and allied health professionals to ensure completeness in care for our patients.




Our Physiotherapists help patients who suffered acute illnesses or injuries to maximise their functional independence. Patients’ progress is reviewed regularly after sessions that promote muscle endurance, cardiovascular function and performance.

The range of holistic services available include:

  • Cardio pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Pain management Balance and gait training
  • Recommendation of mobility aids 
  • Caregiver training
  • Re-education of neuro-motor function             


Occupational Therapists


Our Occupational Therapists support patients to develop, recover or maintain their abilities for performing daily activities and work skills. 

Our therapists access patients by using various activities through:

  • Training for daily living activities
  • Cognitive and perceptual rehabilitation
  • Upper limb re-training
  • Prescription of equipment
  • Assessment of home environment
  • Community mobility assessment
  • Caregiver training    


Speech Therapists


Our Speech Therapists treat patients with disorders related to swallowing and communication. They address concerns ranging from speech issues and swallowing to hearing impairments.

Services provided include:

  • Speech and language therapy
  • Voice therapy
  • Laryngectomy rehabilitation
  • Communication assessment and management for patients who suffered a stroke or head injury
  • Swallowing assessment and management




Our team of Clinical Dietitians, Cooks and Kitchen Assistants are responsible for ensuring that patients have healthy, nutritious and texture-appropriate meals. Meals are prepared in compliance to food hygiene guidelines and the professional standard of Dietetics and Healthcare Practice. To encourage proper nutrition, the team also provides:

  • Individualised Medical Nutrition Therapy to inpatients and outpatients
  • Cooking classes for rehabilitation patients
  • Educational talks on nutrition for patients, staff and the public




Our Pharmacists collaborate with doctors and nurses to promote the safe, efficacious, and cost-effective use of medications.

To ensure patients receive the best outcome from their medication treatment, our pharmacists:

  • Review and supply inpatient medication orders
  • Educate patients and caregivers on the correct usage of prescribed medications
  • Dispense medication and patient counselling upon patients' discharge
  • Provide drug information to doctors and nurses
  • Conduct medication reconciliation for newly admitted patients


Medical Social Workers


At SCH, we focus on holistic care and improving patients’ overall well-being. Our team of Medical Social Workers and Social Work Assistants are committed to addressing patients’ emotional, psychological and social needs. The team provides services including:

  • Provision of information and referrals
  • Liaison with community service partners
  • Financial assistance
  • Care/discharge planning
  • Supportive counselling and mediation
  • Caregiver support and psycho-education programmes
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