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Treatment for Neuroblastoma

Treatment for NeuroblastomaNeuroblastoma is one of the most common cancers in childhood. It may arise from the adrenal gland (in the abdomen) and the sympathetic ganglion chain (found in the neck, chest and abdomen). More than half the patients present at less than 2 years of age, with 90% occurring within the first 8 years of life. This is a highly malignant tumour with more than 50% presenting at advanced stages. Optimal surgical excision of the tumour is important and has to be combined with various combinations of intensive chemotherapy, megatherapy with autologous stem cell transplantation, radiotherapy and new techniques in the management of minimal residual disease.

What is Neuroblastoma Surgery

Surgical removal of neuroblastoma constitutes a very important modality in eradication of the tumour from the body. Achieving total surgical excision of the tumour gives patients the best outcome. Neuroblastoma has the characteristics of not only being richly supplied by blood vessels, it often encases important blood vessels rendering total removal extremely challenging. Improved understanding of the tumour’s characteristics, availability of other drugs, and advanced surgical techniques and technology have allowed total surgical excision safe and effective in extirpation of the tumour, while at the same time, preserving structure and function of vital organs.

Such surgeries require the abilities of a highly skilled paediatric oncological surgery team, complemented by a responsive paediatric anaesthesiology team and a highly motivated post-operative intensive care team. Our team of dedicated paediatric oncologists closely coordinates the multidisciplinary treatment.

Who it is for

Patients with diagnosed or suspected neuroblastoma.

Our treatment centre

Children's Cancer Centre, KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH)

The KKH Advantage

Southeast Asia's only dedicated Paediatric Surgical Oncology Team

KKH is the only hospital in Southeast Asia with a dedicated paediatric surgical oncology team. By constantly updating ourselves with cutting-edge surgical techniques and better understanding of childhood tumour biology, the team offers cutting-edge treatment that helps affected children battle neuroblastoma.

Multidisciplinary Care

As Singapore’s largest childhood cancer facility, KKH provides all patients coordinated multidisciplinary care. KKH also has comprehensive histopathological and cytogenetic laboratories that offer the full-range of molecular evaluations for childhood tumours, allowing accurate diagnosis, prognostication and fine-tuning of treatment strategies.

Positive Outcomes

Complete surgical excision has been achieved in nearly all of our patients, with overall survival results comparable with other centres worldwide.
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