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Ian Yeo
Assoc Prof Ian Yeo
Singapore National Eye Centre
General Cataract and Comprehensive Ophthalmology Department
Senior Consultant
MBBS, MMed(Ophth), FRCS(Ed), FRCS(G), FAMS
Assoc Prof Yeo obtained his Medical Degree from the National University of Singapore in 1992. He did Ophthalmology residency training in Singapore. He obtained his post-graduate Ophthalmology qualifications in 1999 and completed a further 3 years of advance surgical training. He obtained his specialist accreditation in 2003 and started to pursue a Vitreo Retina subspecialty training at the Singapore National Eye Centre under Prof Ang Chong Lye. In 2006, he was awarded a HMDP grant to further his vitreo retinal training in Sydney, Australia under Drs Andrew Chang and Paul Beaumont. He is currently the Deputy Medical Director (Education) and a senior consultant vitreo retinal surgeon managing both medical and surgical retina conditions at the Singapore National Eye Centre. He is also an Academic Vice Chair (Education) and Director, Professional and Post undergraduate Education of the Academic Clinical Program for Ophthalmology at SingHealth / Duke-NUS Graduate School of Medicine and a clinical lecturer with the NUS-YLL medical school.

Assoc Professor Yeo has research interest include age related macular degeneration(AMD) and polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV), two very important blinding conditons in Singapore. He has engaged in primate work developing animal models for AMD and looked at novel new strategies for delivering drugs for the condition under the retina. SNEC has collaborated with the Genomic Institute of Singapore to study the genetics of AMD and PCV. He is also a Principal Investigator for a number of international clinical trials for these 2 conditions.

His other research interests include retinovascular condtions including diabetic retinopathy. He is actively involved in clinical trials for these conditions as a co-investigator.
Publications and Research Trials

1. Augustinus Laude, Peter D Cackett, Eranga N Vithana,  Ian Y Yeo , Doric Wong, Adrian H  Koh ,Tien Y Wong, Tin Aung. Polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy and neovascular age-related macular degeneration: same or different disease? PRER 2009

2. P Cackett, H Htoon, D Wong and I Yeo. Haemorrhagic Pigment epithelial detachment as a predictive feature of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy in a Chinese population Eye advance online publication, 11 September 2009


4. Marcus CC Lim, Shu Yen Lee, Bobby CL Cheng, Doric WK Wong, Sze Guan Ong, Chong Lye Ang, Ian YS Yeo, Diabetic Retinopathy in Diabetics Referred to a Tertiary Centre from a Nationwide Screening Programme Ann Acad Med Singapore Sept 2008;37:753-9

5. Lee KY, Vithana EN, Mathur R, Yong VH, Yeo IY, Thalamuthu A, Lee MW, Koh AH, Lim MC, How AC, Wong DW, Aung T. Association analysis of CFH, C2, BF, and HTRA1 gene polymorphisms in Chinese patients with polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2008 Jun;49(6):2613-9.

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