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Loh Hong Pheng Amos
Dr Loh Hong Pheng Amos
KK Women's and Children's Hospital
Department of Paediatric Surgery
MBBS, MRCS (Edin), M Med (Surg), FAMS (Paed Surgery)

  • National University of Singapore 2002: MBBS

  • Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh 2006: FRCS (Edin)

  • National University of Singapore 2007: Master of Medicine (Surgery)


  • Nominated JCI The Outstanding Yong Persons Awards Singapore 2010

  • Awarded prize for Best Paper (Oral Presentation), 41st Annual Congress of International Society of Pediatric

  • Oncology (Chapter of International Society of Paediatric Surgeons)

  • Young Investigator Award Nominee (Oral Presentation), 1st ASEAN Congress of Paediatric Surgery, Malaysia 2006

  • Service From The Heart, 2010

Publications and Research Trials

  1. Delays in Diagnosis of Paediatric Tumours in Singapore

    Loh AH, Ha C, Chua JHY, WT Seow, MY Chan, AM Tan, Chui CH. J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2009 Oct;31(10):734-8

  2. Presentation and Progression of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A Singapore Experience Profiling Differences in a

    Multi-Racial Study Cohort

    Loh AH, Ng KK, Ng FC. Annals Acad Med Singapore 2009;38(5):451-6

  3. The Diagnostic, Prognostic and Therapeutic Roles of Trk Neurotrophin Receptors (Trks) Expressions in Neuroblastoma

    Fung WKY, Loh AH, Yong MY, Knight L, Hwang WS, Chan MY, Seow WT, Chui CH, Jacobsen AS. KK Hospital

    Review 2008 Dec;11(2):71-74

  4. Use of Multiplex RT-PCR Assay for Evaluating the Significance of Trk Neurotrophin Receptors Gene Expression In Children with Neuroblastoma in Singapore Between 2003-2007

    Fung WKY, Loh AH, Yong MH, Knight L, Hwang WS, Chan MY, Soh SY, Tan AM, Seow WT, Chui CH, Jacobsen

    AS. KK Hospital Review 2008 Dec;11(2):68-70

  5. Port-A-Cath Insertions in Acute Leukaemia: Does Thrombocytopaenia Affect Morbidity?

    Loh AH, Chui CH. J Pediatr Surg 2007 Jul;42(7):1180-4

  6. Port-A-Cath Insertions in Acute Leukaemia and Childhood Malignancies,

    Loh AH, Chui CH. Asian J Surg 2007 Jul;30(3):193-9

  7. Neonatal Intestinal Volvulus Due to A Persistent Right Vitelline Artery.

    Loh AH, Prasad ST, Chew SH, Jacobsen AS. Pediatr Surg Int. 2007 Apr;23(4):373-6

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