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Howe Tet Sen
Howe Tet Sen
Singapore General Hospital
Orthopaedic Surgery
Senior Consultant
MBBS, FRCS (Edin&Glasg), FRCS (England), FAMS

Assoc Prof Howe Tet Sen is a Senior Consultant with the Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery, specialising in Trauma.

  • M.B.B.S (Singapore) 1981
  • F.R.C.S. (Edinburgh) 1985
  • F.R.C.S. (Glasgow) 1985
  • F.A.M.S. (Singapore) 1999
  • F.R.C.S. (England) 1999
  • Fellowship in Sports Medicine: Cleveland Clinic Foundation 1989-1990

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships
  • Immediate past Director of Trauma Service, Department of Orthopaedics, SGH, 1996-2015
  • Vice President Singapore Orthopaedic Association Feb 2006
  • Director of Education, AO Singapore 1997-2000
  • Clinical Lecturer in Orthopaedics by National University of Singapore
  • Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Grduate Medical School
  • Lecturer, Advanced Specialist Training in Orthopaedics, NUS
  • Visiting Lecturer, National Technological University
  • Examiner for Joint Specialty Fellowship Examination in Orthopaedic Surgery held by (Division of Graduate Medical Studies and Academy of Medicine) together with The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
    AAOS Educators Course (Orthopaedics)
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics Committee: Singapore General Hospital 1998-2003
  • Infectious Diseases Committee, Singapore General Hospital 1993- 1996
  • Trauma Committee, SGH 1986- Present
  • Treasurer, Singapore Malaysia Congress Bi-Annual Meeting 1996, Academy of Medicine SingaporeCommittee on Management of Minimal Access Therapy Training (MATT Course), Academy of Medicine Singapore
  • Ambulatory Surgery Planning Committee, SGH
  • Instructor Advance Trauma Life Support Course 1991- Present
  • AO Basic Course Instructor, Davos Switzerland 1996
  • Ambulatory Surgery Planning Committee 1997- present
  • Organiser, Advanced Techniques in Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, The Academy of Medicine (Singapore) in Association with The Royal College of Surgeons of England.  2nd-3rd July 1998.
  • Advanced Techniques in Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, The Academy of Medicine (Singapore) in Association with The Royal College of Surgeons of England. April 2000.
  • Convenor Basic Arthroscopy Course, The Academy of Medicine (Singapore) in Association with the Royal College of Surgeons of England. 8th July 2000.
  • Chairman AO Scientific committee 2000- present
  • Chairman Emergency Operating Committee 2001- present
  • Consultant to the Sports Medicine & Research Centre of the Singapore Sports Council. 1999- present.
  • Speciality Resource Committee – Orthopaedic Surgery Jan 2003 – Present
  • ACAP Workgroup, SingHealth 2004 - present
  • National Workman’s Compensation Committee – Member 2006 – Present


Hospital Management Asia 2003
Asian Hospital Management Awards 2003
Winner Quality Medical Care: Reducing Delays in Emergency Surgeries

SGH Quality Week 2003: First Prize
Reducing Delays in Emergency Surgeries

National ICQ Convention 2005
“No more Lying Flat in Bed after Spinal Anaesthesia : An attempt to Range the Age-Old Protocol”

Publications and Research Trials
  • Ann Acad Med Singapore. 2004 Mar;33(2):248-51. Cancellous screw fixation for femoral neck fractures: one hundred and sixteen patients. Lee KB, Howe TS, Chang HC.
  • Book Chapter: Acute Surgical Management, ISBN 981-238-681-5, Jul 2004
  • Chapter 29, Page 479-493, Treatment of Multiple Fractures.
  • S. E. Lim, Y. Xing, Y. Chen, W. K. Leow, T. S. Howe, and M. A. Png. Detection of Femur and Radius Fractures in X-Ray Images. In Proc. 2nd Int. Conf. on Advances in Medical Signal and Information Processing, 2004.
  • Y.Chen, W.H. Yap, W. K. Leow, T. S. Howe, and M. A. Png. Detecting Femur Fractures by Texture Analysis of Trabeculae. In Proc. Int. Conf. on Pattern Recognition, 2004.
  • Dennis Wen-Hsiang Yap, Ying Chen, Wee Kheng Leow, Tet Sen Howe, Meng Ai Png: Detecting Femur Fractures by Texture Analysis of Trabeculae. ICPR (3) 2004: 730-733
  • Y. Chen, X.Ee, W. K. Leow, T. S. Howe. Automatic Extraction of Femur Contours from Hip X-ray Images.  In Proc. First International Workshop on Computer Vision for Biomedical Image Applications (CVBIA 2005) (in conjunction with Int. Conf. on Computer Vision, 2005). Y. Liu, T. Jiang, C. Zhang (Eds), LNCS 3765, Springer, 2005, pp. 200-209
  • V.L. F. Lum, W. K. Leow, Y. chen, T. S. Howe, M. A. Png. Combining Classifiers for Bone Fracture Detection in X-ray Images. In Proc. Int. Conf. on Image Processing, 2005.
  • Sourina O, Sourin A, Howe TS. Orthopaedic Surgery Simulation. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine & Biology, World Scientific, 7(1), 2007 (in press)
  • Subtrochanteric insufficiency fractures in patients on alendronate therapy:              A CAUTION
  • S. K. Goh, K. Y. Yang, J. S. B. Koh, M. K. Wong, S. Y. Chua, D. T. C. Chua, and     T. S. Howe
  • J Bone Joint Surg Br 2007, 89-B:349-353
  • Chong KW, Wong MK, I.S. Rikhraj, T. S. Howe. The use of computer navigation in performing minimally invasive surgery for intertrochanteric hip fractures – The experience in Singapore [Injury 2006; 37 (8):755-62].
  • P.K. Bhunre, W. K. Leow, T. S. Howe, Recovery of 3D Pose of Bones in Single 2D    X-ray Images. In Proc. IEEE Workship on Applications of Computer Vision, 2007
  • Surgical Management of Fractures of the Shaft of the Humerus, The Journal of the Asean Orthopaedic Association 1987
  • Shoulder Injuries, Review of Sports Injuries in Singapore
  • Double Level Fractures of the femur Treated with Closed Intra-Medullary Nailing
    Ann Acad Med Singapore. 1998 Mar;27(2):188-91.
  • Factors affecting healing of below knee amputation.
    Singapore Med J, 1996 Aug;37(4):392-3
    Low CK, Chew WY, Howe TS, Tan SK
  • Virtual Orthopaedic Surgery on  Personal Computer
    Alexei Sourin, Olga Sourina & Howe TS
    International Journal of Information Technology – June 2000
  • Virtual Orthopaedic Surgery Training
    IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
    May/June 2000 Pg 6-9
    Alexei Sourin, Olga Sourina & Howe TS
  • Natural History of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tears. Vol 10, No 1, 2001 SGH Proceedings 2001. Joyce Koh & Howe Tet Sen
  • Prospective Randomised Study of the effect of  Alendronate (Fosamax), Calcitrol (Rocaltrol) and Calcium on the Bone Mineral Density of Patients with Osteoporotic Hip Fractures. IS Rikhraj, KWE Sng, SSJ Lee, TS Howe & BK Tay. The Journal of the Asean
    Orthopaedic Association, July 2002, Vol 15 No.1.
  • Book Chapter : Computing Neck-Shaft Angle of Femur for X-Ray Fracture Detection
    Tai Peng Tian1, Ying Chen1, Wee Kheng Leow1, Wynne Hsu , Tet Sen Howe  and Meng Ai Png  Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 82 - 89
    Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
    ISSN: 0302-9743
  • Radionuclide synovectomy and chronic haemophilic synovitis in Asians: a retrospective study. Haemophilia. 2003 Sep;9(5):632-7. Chew EM, Tien SL, Sundram FX, Ho YK, Howe TS
  • T. P. Tian, Y. Chen, W. K. Leow, W. Hsu, T. S. Howe, M. A. Png. Computing neck-shaft angle of femur for x-ray fracture detection. In Proc. Int. Conf. on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, LNCS 2756, 2003, p. 82-89.
  • Insead Presentation, INSEAD, Asia Campus
    1 Ayer Rajah Avenue, 138676 Singapore
    March 2004. Computer Detection of Fractures and proposal for Business Plan.
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