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Silver Connection, an initiative by SingHealth, aims to enhance the well-being and employability of SingHealth's mature workers as well as retired employees.

The Silver Connection movement is built on the ethos of :

Renew commitment, igniting passion in whatever we do
Refresh mindset, remaining positive, productive and proactive
Rewire to build better relationships, staying stimulated and connected

                                                        KEEP THE PASSION ALIVE! 
Since 2006, Silver Connection has actively engaged mature employees and retirees from SingHealth and its institutions. 

Full membership of Silver Connection is open to all mature employees aged 50 years and above, as well as retired SingHealth employees.

On-going programmes for members include:

Re-skilling and Up-skilling Workshops
Silver Connection works with internal and external training providers to organise customised workshops such as Senior Employment Guidance for our mature employees in preparation for retirement and/or re-employment.  To date, more than 800 mature employees have undergone such training which enables participants to reflect on their personal and career life choices and prepare them for the next stage of their lives.

Silver Connection also organises networking functions to keep our members updated on the latest developments in the healthcare industry as well as the socio-economic changes to stay healthy, engaged and employable.

Temporary Assignments

Silver Connection members have accumulated years of knowledge, experiences and skills in various clinical and clinical support as well as administrative and other operational functions within the clinical and healthcare management setting.

Silver Connection actively looks out for employment opportunities for our members to share their expertise by facilitating part-time or contract assignments.  These include conducting surveys and clinical trials, providing office support, gathering patient feedback and acting as patient ambassadors, among others.


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