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30 Mar 2007
The SingHealth Alice Lee Institute for Advanced Nursing (IAN) is the first in Asia to achieve international accreditation with the Amercan Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC)

SingHealth’s nursing institute first in Asia to earn international recognition for the quality and integrity of its training programmes

International accreditation validates the high standards and quality of SingHealth’s nursing staff


The SingHealth Alice Lee Institute for Advanced Nursing (IAN) – the nursing institute of Singapore’s largest healthcare group – has earned the distinction of being accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC) as a Continuing Nursing Education Provider. The Institute is the first in Asia, and only the third country outside the United States to receive this prestigious accreditation.


This accreditation validates the 10-year-old Institute’s efforts in providing continuing education programmes of high standards and quality for nursing and para-nursing staff. This in turn translates to assurance for patients that nursing staff at SingHealth institutions have received rigorous, up-to-date training of internationally recognised standards.


To achieve accreditation with ANCC, the Institute had to undergo a rigorous assessment/evaluation process, which covers:

  • Administration –beliefs and goals are relevant for the students
  • Unit Operations - there is an established process for assessing needs, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Resources –sufficient human, material and financial resources are available
  • Provider Unit Outcomes – feedback is properly documented and used to enhance the activities of the Institute
  • Educational Design –Institute’s activities are of professional standards and meet the needs of the target audience 

 Said Dr. Mary Koithan, Chair of the Commission on ANCC Accreditation, “The IAN joins over 275 accredited educational organisations recognized by ANCC, the largest nurse credentialing centre in the world. And, it is one of only three organisations outside the US to achieve this level of recognition and excellence. Our rigorous peer review system revealed that the IAN successfully met the designated standards and criteria set for accreditation. This demonstrates the IAN’s commitment to provide quality programmes that address the professional training needs of nurses today. We are pleased to have such a reputable institution as an ANCC-accredited provider of continuing nursing education.”


SingHealth Alice Lee IAN is dedicated to enhancing nursing skills as well as promoting excellence in lifelong learning. The Institute provides a comprehensive range of nursing specialisation programmes and practice-based training to groom competent nurses locally and in the region. The range of skills training provided includes Advanced Nursing for different specialties (Pain Management and Management of OT), Short Courses and Clinical Attachments in areas like ICU, Plastic/Burns Nursing, Neurosurgery Nursing and Operating Theatre for example.


In 2006, IAN trained 7,119 nurses, 600 of whom were nurses from countries in the region such as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand as well as countries further afield such as Mexico, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.


Prof Tan Ser Kiat, SingHealth’s Group Chief Executing Officer, said, “This accreditation is a great encouragement to us. It is no easy task to earn the ANCC’s mark of approval. As the largest healthcare provider in Singapore with a rich heritage in teaching and education, we are committed to investing in training and nurturing high calibre nurses and healthcare staff. We are glad to receive international validation for our efforts. 


Our nurses are truly passionate in their work. They represent the heart of our healthcare system and are integral in enabling us to provide quality service to our patients.”


This accreditation brings the IAN closer to its goal of being the region’s leading centre in advanced practice-based nursing education and training of the highest professional standards to meet the healthcare needs of the community.”


Added Madam Lim Swee Hia, Director of Nursing, Outram Campus, SingHealth, “Gunning for accreditation with an internationally recognised credentialing centre enabled us to benchmark our training programmes and processes against international standards. Achieving the ANCC’s mark of approval attests to the competency, skills and knowledge of our nurses. However, we will not rest on our laurels. SingHealth will continue to explore ways to expand the scope of nursing careers and enhance nursing capabilities for the benefit of our patients.



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