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17 Dec 2012
Nurses from SGH and NHCS bring festive cheer to hospice residents

A group of SGH & NHCS nurse volunteers visited palliative patients at the HCA Hospice to spread festive cheer. The nurses sang Christmas carols, played games with the patients and gave out simple gifts as they brought a Christmas celebration to the patients who suffer from life-limiting conditions.

The New Paper - pg 14

10 Dec 2012
New institute formed by SingHealth and Duke-NUS aims to raise the standard of on-the-job teaching

Launched in September by SingHealth and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, the Academic Medicine Education Institute (AM.EI) aims to raise the standard of on-the-job teaching. The new institute comes at a time when an increasing number of medical students are training to be specialists, also known as residents. To date, about 100 clinicians who teach medical students and health-care staff have been schooled on how to teach better. Nurses and allied health workers can also sign up for courses at the institute to learn how to teach their younger colleagues. The three key functions of AM.EI include professional development, evaluation of teaching programmes and promoting education among the medical community.

The Straits Times - pg B7

06 Dec 2012
SingHealth and Australian biotech company, Sirtex, sign master research agreement to tackle hard-to-treat cancers

SingHealth and Australian company, Sirtex Medical, signed a Master Research Agreement that allows researchers and clinician-scientists from SGH and NCCS to explore the potential of a new technology, called Carbon Cage Nanoparticles, to target cancer cells which may be left behind after an operation. Singapore is the first country to try out this new treatment. The research will focus on abdominal cancers, starting with advanced ovarian cancer. Work on the first project will start next month and results from preliminary toxicity and efficacy studies are expected within a year.

The Business Times - pg 10
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 15

04 Dec 2012
NHCS sets up cell bank to help genetic cardiovascular disease research

Following its breakthrough success of creating a human heart cell model for arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) plans to set up a cell bank to collect stem cells of people with genetic cardiovascular diseases. The bank, which will be operational from next year, will enable clinician-scientists to understand how stem cells grow into a diseased heart cell by studying skin cell samples from these patients. Eventually, the hope is that engineered cells from the donated samples can be implanted back into the patient to prevent the disease from developing in the first place.

The Straits Times - pg B4

29 Nov 2012
SingHealth Tissue Repository calls for tissue donation for medical research
SingHealth Tissue Repository (STR) is appealing to patients to donate any removed disease tumour and bank it in the name of medical research. A/Prof Tan Soo Yong, Director, SingHealth Tissue Repository and Senior Consultant, Department of Pathology, SGH, was interviewed for the story.

Lianhe Zaobao, zbNOW - pg 3
11 Nov 2012
SingHealth institutions awarded with NMRC Translational and Clinical Research Flagship grants

Singapore’s National Medical Research Council (NMRC) awarded four translational and clinical research (TCR) flagship programmes with a total of $68 million over five years. Two SingHealth institutions, Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), were among the recipients. SERI secured the Tier-2 $25 million TCR flagship programme grant for the second time to continue its research into glaucoma and corneal disease; while NCCS was awarded a Tier-1 $9 million TCR flagship grant for is non-small cell lung cancer programme.

The New Paper - pg 14

10 Nov 2012
SingHealth partners A*Star institutes in nationwide stratified medicine initiative

The POLARIS (Personalised OMIC Lattice for Advanced Research and Improving Stratification) programme is the first step in Singapore’s larger aim to roll out a national stratified medicine framework, and bridges two existing A*STAR institutes—the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) and the Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI)—with four public healthcare institutions, including SGH, NCCS and SNEC. Patients from the participating healthcare centres will have their genes sequenced before they are streamed into subgroups. They can then either participate in on-going clinical trials based on their biomarkers or be the basis for future research at POLARIS if they have yet undiscovered ones.

The Straits Times - pg B16
The Business Times - pg 2
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 19

01 Nov 2012
SingHealth & Duke-NUS scientists recognised at National Medical Research Council Awards 2012

Clinician-scientists from Singapore General Hospital, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore Eye Research Institute and National Heart Centre Singapore, together with researchers from Duke-NUS were recognised at the 2012 National Medical Research Council Awards. The awards include the new Transition Award, the Clinician Scientist Award and the coveted Singapore Translational Research (STaR) Investigator Award. Professors Stuart Cook (NHCS & Duke-NUS) and Karl Tryggvason (Duke-NUS), who were both awarded the STaR Award, were among the nine winners of the academic healthcare cluster.

Lianhe Zaobao - pg 8

25 Oct 2012
NHCS leads multi-institutional team of researchers in developing world’s first human heart cell model

Clinician-scientists from National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) have successfully created a human heart cell model of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC), an inherited heart muscle disorder which puts sufferers at high risk of developing life-threatening arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. The research team, which also involved Duke-NUS, NUS and A*STAR, developed a clinical application for the patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell technology developed by Nobel Prize winner Professor Shinya Yamanaka by replicating a patient’s heart cells outside his body to study genetic cardiovascular diseases.

NHCS, which led the collaboration with Duke-NUS, NUS and A*STAR, has taken a global leadership role in this field of translational cardiovascular research with this discovery which was published in the European Heart Journal earlier this year.

Lianhe Zaobao - pg 9
The New Paper - pg 12

19 Oct 2012
SingHealth Transplant introduces a new solid organ transplant programme

SingHealth Transplant, which offers eight solid organ and tissue transplant programmes, launched its newest addition – the pancreas transplant programme. A national collaboration between specialists from Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital, the team performed its first simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant in September. Mr Shawn Huang, a type-1 diabetes sufferer with kidney failure, said that he feels completely reborn since the surgery.

The Straits Times - pg A3
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 4

08 Sep 2012
Her World Woman of the Year honours Professor Ivy Ng, SingHealth Group CEO

The prestigious Her World Woman of the Year Award was presented to SingHealth GCEO, Professor Ivy Ng at Regent Hotel by Her World, Singapore’s No. 1 women’s magazine published by SPH Magazines Pte Ltd (SPH Magazines). Her World presents two prestigious awards every year – Her World Woman of the Year and Young Woman Achiever – to outstanding Singaporean women who have contributed significantly to society, projected the best image of our nation and are inspirational role models to other women.

The Straits Times - pg B2
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 11
The Business Times - pg 6
The New Paper - pg 9
Berita Harian - pg 3

04 Sep 2012
SERI researchers discovery three genes linked to primary angle closure glaucoma

Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) clinician-scientists discovered three genes that are linked to primary angle closure glaucoma, which is the leading cause of blindness in Chinese people. This first discovery, which was published in Nature Genetics’ August 26 issue, has led to further research to elucidate the full genetic architecture of primary angle closure glaucoma to eventually allow the development of a clinically useful genetic profile for the identification, risk stratification and treatment of primary angle closure glaucoma patients in the future.

The Straits Times - pg B7
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 9

01 Sep 2012
SingHealth Transplant Awareness Week 2012

As part of SingHealth’s annual Transplant Awareness Week, more than 250 transplant patients, volunteers and healthcare professionals gathered at the Singapore General Hospital to show their support for organ and tissue donation by forming the international green transplant awareness ribbon. The green ribbon which is the international symbol for organ and tissue donation represents hope for patients who are waiting for a new lease of life through transplantation. Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, was the Guest of Honour. 

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The New Paper, 1 September 2012 - pg 14
The New Paper, 18 September 2012 - pg 9
Berita Harian, 19 September 2012 - pg 10 (1)
Berita Harian, 19 September 2012 - pg 10 (2)
Berita Harian, 19 September 2012 - pg 11

04 Aug 2012
SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2012

SingHealth and Duke-NUS’ strong partnership in research and education notched another success with the opening of the 2nd SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress, attended by more than 2,500 multi-disciplinary medical, nursing, allied health and research professionals, academic scholars as well as overseas healthcare leaders. The event was graced by Guest of Honour, Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong. Twelve educators from different healthcare professions were presented with the inaugural SingHealth Academy Duke-NUS Golden Apple Awards for their outstanding contributions to education. Minister Gan also announced the launch of the Academic Medicine Education Institute, a joint education institute by SingHealth and Duke-NUS, to be launched next month.

The Straits Times - pg B10
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 12

24 Jul 2012
Breakthrough glaucoma treatment shortlisted at SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress

Scientists at the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have developed an innovative way to combat post-surgical scarring for glaucoma patients, which has resulted in 40 per cent fewer injections needed by glaucoma patients to prevent scarring after surgery and therefore fewer hospital visits. The data, previously published in the prestigious international journal Ophthalmology, has been shortlisted for a Best Clinical Research Oral Presentation Award at the second SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress, which will take place on 3 and 4 August 2012 at Raffles City Convention Centre.

The Straits Times - pg B1
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 7
Shin Min Daily News - pg 8

17 Jun 2012
SingHealth and Duke-NUS collaboration makes waves in united fight against cancer
Since joining forces two years ago, researchers from Duke-NUS and clinician-scientists from SingHealth have made waves in cancer research. The multidisciplinary team includes doctors, pathologists, scientists and researchers; and has published its research extensively in leading scientific journals, including Nature Genetics. The most recent discovery is in the area of natural killer/T-cell lymphoma, a subtype of the disease particularly prevalent in Asia, and was published in Cancer Discovery on 15 June 2012.

The Sunday Times - pg10 - Potential new drug to treat deadly cancer
The Sunday Times - pg 10 - Docs, scientists making waves in united fight
02 Apr 2012
The Academia Topping Out Ceremony

SingHealth held a topping out ceremony today for The Academia – a new 13-storey twin-tower facility that will house the Group’s research, education and training facilities as well as SGH pathology services under one roof. Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, was Guest of Honour at the event.

The Straits Times - pg B6
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 6
My Paper - pg A4

15 Mar 2012
Inspirational Patient & Caregiver Award 2012

40 inspirational patients and caregivers were honoured at the SingHealth Inspirational Patient and Caregiver Award 2012 – a dedicated platform to honor patients and caregivers who have displayed outstanding positive behavior and attitudes and inspired fellow patients and caregivers as well as healthcare workers with their courage and resilience in the face of healthcare challenges. Mr Peter Seah, Chairman, SingHealth presented the awards to winners at the award ceremony on 15 March 2012 at the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The Straits Times (Mind Your Body), 5 Apr 2012 - pg 6
The Straits Times (Mind Your Body), 5 Apr 2012 - pg 7
Berita Harian, 18 Mar 2012 - pg 12
The Straits Times, 16 Mar 2012 - pg C14 (1)
The Straits Times, 16 Mar 2012 - pg C14 (2)
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The New Paper, 15 Mar 2012 - pg 10-11 (2)
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10 Feb 2012
Curtin awards honorary doctorate to Singapore nursing leader

Associate Professor Lim Swee Hia, Group Director of Nursing at SingHealth, is the first nursing professional from Singapore to be conferred the award of Honorary Doctor of Science by Curtin University in recognition of her exceptional leadership and outstanding contribution to the profession. The official conferral ceremony was held at Singapore General Hospital on Friday 10 February 2012.

Lianhe Zaobao - pg 6

13 Jan 2012
Singapore Health Quality Service Award

Initiated by SingHealth in 2011, the Singapore Health Quality Service Award is Singapore’s first dedicated platform to honour healthcare professionals who have demonstrated commitment to delivering quality care and excellent service. This year, a total of 2,694 healthcare professionals from 17 organisations were presented with the award. Winners from public healthcare institutions, community hospitals and private healthcare were presented with Silver, Gold and Star awards. Superstar awards were conferred on top winners from the Clinician, Nursing, Allied Health, Administration and Ancillary categories. The Award also recognises Clinical Practice Improvement and Service Initiative Improvement Teams. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong presented the awards to top winners at the Award Ceremony on 13 January 2012 at the Kallang Theatre.

The Straits Times - pg B11
Lianhe Zaobao - pg 9
The New Paper - pg 14

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