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14 Dec 2007
Public healthcare clusters take the lead in re-employing older workers
SingHealth and National Healthcare Group, the two public healthcare clusters in Singapore, are putting in place re-employment policies, well ahead of 2012 when the re-employment law is expected to be passed.  Staff who have a good work performance record and good health, can look forward to the opportunity to be re-employed in the same job or a different job, when they reach the retirement age of 62.

The Straits Times, pg H12
The Straits Times - Online
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 12
Berita Harian, pg 2
12 Dec 2007
Medication ID Aid enhances consultation experience and reduces wait time at SingHealth Polyclinics
Developed by a team of SingHealth Polyclinics pharmacists, the Medication ID Aid (MedIA) was recently awarded the inaugural SingHealth Allied Health Innovative Practice Award.  It has helped to improve patient-doctor consultation experience by enhancing the communication process.  Read on to find out more about how an elderly patient has benefited from MedIA.

Lianhe Zaobao, pg 10
03 Dec 2007
Teleradiology pilot at SingHealth shows positive results
The SingHealth Teleradiology initiative enables its institutions to provide even better radiology services, which translates to greater convenience as well as cost and time savings for patients.  When fully implemented, Teleradiology will position SingHealth as a centre of excellence in the provision of high quality and timely radiology services locally and globally.

The Straits Times, pg H3
22 Nov 2007
SingHealth nurses bag top award and 5 merit awards at Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award 2007
10 merit awards to recognise outstanding enrolled nurses were given out at the Tan Chin Tuan Nursing Award yesterday evening.  SingHealth garnered 6 of the awards, including the overall top award.

The Straits Times, pg H10
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 15
21 Nov 2007
Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre opens at SGH
The centre led by renowned Shanghai TCM physicians was officially opened at SGH yesterday, in a ceremony graced by the Minister for Health of Singapore, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, as the Guest-of-Honour.  The centre provides an opportunity for SingHealth institutions' doctors and the TCM physicians to collaborate on clinical research.

The Straits Times, pg H10
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 11
17 Nov 2007
Renowned senior physicians at new TCM centre at SGH
SingHealth, in partnership with the Shanghai Hospital Development Center, has set up Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre that is located at Singapore General Hospital.  All walk-in patients can consult with a team of renowned senior TCM physicians from Shanghai, who are widely regarded as "national treasures" in China. In an exclusive interview with Lianhe Zaobao, two of these senior TCM physicians share their views on Eastern and Western medicine.

Lianhe Zaobao, pg 2
07 Nov 2007
SingHealth staff emerged tops in EXSA - Healthcare Category
The annual Excellent Service Award (EXSA) recognises 10 SuperStars, who are individuals who have delivered outstanding service in their respective industries.  This year, all three finalists for the healthcare category hailed from SingHealth institutions, and the eventual winner was announced at an award ceremony yesterday.

The Straits Times, pg H7
The Straits Times (Life!), pg 18
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 8
Shin Min Daily News, pg 5

In an exclusive interview with Berita Harian, one of the finalists, Ms Ayshabeevi Bte Abdul Rahman from SingHealth Polyclinics, shared about her passion for nursing and experiences caring for patients.

Berita Harian, pg 9 (21 November)

Check out the eHall Of Fame for SingHealth's EXSA winners
26 Oct 2007
More specialist training courses for SingHealth nurses
In line with its commitment to enhance the career prospects of all grades of nursing and para-nursing staff, SingHealth looks to upgrade their skills through more new specialist training courses, offered at the SingHealth Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing from next year.

The Straits Times, pg H16
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 13
20 Oct 2007
SingHealth and Shanghai group set up premium TCM centre at SGH
Singaporeans and regional patients will soon benefit from quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services offered by the Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre, which will open next month at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), an institution of SingHealth.  It is a joint venture between SingHealth and the Shanghai Hospital Development Center. 

The Straits Times, pg H1
The New Paper, pg 6
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 4
03 Oct 2007
SingHealth pilots Patient Bedside Terminal at hospitals
As part of its overall "Digital Ward" vision, SingHealth put on trial the Patient Bedside Terminal at its hospitals.  It is a touchscreen integrated information system that enables clinicians to access and document patient information as well as provides patients with a variety of entertainment and Internet services -- right at the patients' bedside.

The Straits Times, pg H5
Lianhe Zaobao, pg 6
The Business Times, pg 26
29 Sep 2007
SingHealth benefits from older workforce (The Straits Times, 29 September 2007) - About seven in 10 of its employees continue to work after retirement
SingHealth is making headway in rehiring its retired staff and promoting the employability of its mature staff.  This is due in no small part to its efforts through the Silver Connection programme, which marked its first anniversary at a celebration event.
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19 Jul 2007
SingHealth Nurses To Get New Look (The Straits Times, 19 July 2007)
SingHealth launches new nursing uniforms across its institutions.
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08 Jun 2007
Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery available to patients at SingHealth institutions offers faster treatment and less side effects
Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery available to patients at SingHealth institutions offers faster treatment and less side effects
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22 May 2007
Cord blood bank's first success story
This photo story highlights the first successful case of stem cell transplant using cord blood from Singapore's only public cord blood bank. This landmark transplant was performed by medical experts from KK Women's and Children's Hospital, an institution of SingHealth.
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22 May 2007
Healthy view (ST Digital Life, 22 May 2007) - A bird's-eye view and specialised technical skills are what IT professionals need to work in health care
Under the Singapore Government's IT masterplan, 55,000 new jobs in infocomm technology will be created by 2015. SingHealth gives its views on the attributes infocomm technology professionals should have working in a healthcare environment.
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22 May 2007
Home again: 1st baby saved by cord blood Toddler, whose body couldn't fight infections, underwent transplant operation last May for 'bubble boy disease' By Judith Tan & Lim Wei Chean
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) - an institution of SingHealth, and the Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCBB) announced the successful treatment of a paediatric patient suffering from severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) via a stem cell transplant. This was the first time cord blood from Singapore’s first and only public cord blood bank was used to perform this life-saving treatment.
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17 May 2007
Guess your next disease with technology (The Business Times, 17 May 2007)
SingHealth's Group CEO, Professor Tan Ser Kiat, shared his vision of how technology can be harnessed to enable healthcare to become targeted and individualised, as well as how the group is always on the lookout for technologies that would help it deliver better quality patient care and improve patient safety.  This is an exclusive interview with The Business Times ahead of his keynote address at the first Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) AsiaPac07 conference on 16 May 2007.
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11 May 2007
Data just a tap away at patient's bedside (The Straits Times, 11 May 2007) - New mobile devices allow Changi General Hospital staff to access info on the go
Changi General Hospital, an institution of SingHealth, is one of the first three hospitals worldwide to conduct a pilot trial of the Mobile Clinical Assistant developed by Intel and the only one to implement it in an Accident & Emergency (A&E) environment. With the success of the trial in 2006, CGH will be implementing the MCA in its A&E department later this year.
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08 May 2007
Roundtable on the next big broadband wave (ST Digital Life, 8 May 2007) - The planned Next-Generation National Broadband Network has players in the space buzzing. Digital Life hosts a roundtable ahead of tenders to be called soon. Report by SERENE LUO
SingHealth was invited to participate in the roundtable discussion and contributed views on the implications of the new network capacity for the healthcare sector.
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02 May 2007
For care, press 'play' (ST Mind Your Body, 2 May 2007) - To coincide with World Asthma Day yesterday, SingHealth developed a way to help asthma patients manage their condition - at the push of a button. Elaine Young reports.
SingHealth believes that patients should be empowered to manage their own condition in partnership with healthcare providers through education. Tapping its existing Telecare system, the IT team looked into the use of IT to drive asthma education for both low literacy and tech-savvy patients. This 6-month pilot is conducted in collaboration with SGH's Department of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine.
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28 Mar 2007
What do women want? (ST Mind Your Body, 28 March 2007) - Got strong opinions on women's health issues? Share them with SingHealth
SingHealth has launched a new email channel -- -- as a proactive step to engage women directly. It invites all women in Singapore to voice their needs, hopes and wishes for the healthcare services they would like to see being offered to them.  Their active feedback will enable SingHealth to better plan and develop integrated and seamless services for women and their families.
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27 Feb 2007
Coming soon to a hospital near you (ST Digital Life, 27 February 2007) - Telecare, a home monitoring system, will use IT to bring health care to you. LIM YEE HUNG reports
This graphical feature showcased some of the IT applications and systems that are implemented in SingHealth, as examples of IT innovations that can be found in a hospital of the future.
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23 Jan 2007
Singapore's healthcare powered by Infocomm (ST Digital Life, 23 January 2007)
Commissioned by IDA Singapore, this advertising feature is a lead-up to the inaugural Healthcare IT Innovation Conference in February. It highlighted three of SingHealth's IT innovations being implemented in its institutions, as well as the Medical Informatics professionals who play a key role in making these projects possible.
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02 Jan 2007
Singapore expertise in demand for eye ops
Singapore National Eye Centre is fast becoming a referral centre for cornea transplants
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02 Jan 2007
They turned to Singapore when their eyesight failed
Features 2 of SNEC's patients from overseas
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