"Research is essential to advancing patient care and improving lives."
Prof Soo Khee Chee
Deputy Group CEO (Research & Education), SingHealth, Director, National Cancer Centre Singapore, and     Senior Vice Dean, Clinical & Academic Faculty Affairs, Duke-NUS

Innovate to Advance

Treating Tomorrow’s Patients With Today’s Research

Research plays an important role at SingHealth. Laboratory studies and clinical trials have led to remarkable discoveries, which enable our doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to offer patients more options for life-saving care and improved health.

With our partners in academic medicine, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, our investment in translational and clinical research is reaching new heights. Our basic scientists and clinical researchers work together to find solutions for preventing and treating disease relevant to the region. 

Our research programmes focus on six key areas:
Cancer Eye
Neurosciences Cardiometabolic
Health Services Research Infectious Diseases, Inflammation, Infection & Immunology

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New global research network

SingHealth and Duke-NUS have joined a new global research network to accelerat the discovery of treatments and cures. They have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Eureka Institute of Translational Medicine and will add to it as its Asia-Pacific hub.

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Our Vibrant
Research Environment
SingHealth IMU
SGH Clinical Trials Resource Centre
KKH Clinical Trials
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NDCS Research
NHCS Clinical Trials Unit
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