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SingHealth Trailblazers

"Working closely as a team, our strength lies in the desire to provide the best care for our patients. My work as a medical social worker is extremely dynamic and multi-faceted, but my motivation stems from knowing that I play an important role in improving lives."

Candace Ong Choon Yee
Medical Social Worker, Psychosocial Oncology
National Cancer Centre Singapore

"The scope of eye and vision care services that optometrists can provide has broadened over the years. I’m fortunate to have had many learning and career development opportunities within the organisation, which has enabled me to grow as a professional."

Carin Tan Lay San
Singapore National Eye Centre

"Allied Health Professionals are an integral part of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team. With innovation, strong mentorship and teamwork, we are empowered to deliver quality, patient-centric care that is optimal and supported by scientific findings."

Clarice Ng Shu Hwa
Medical Social Worker
National Heart Centre Singapore

"Keeping up-to-date with the latest drug knowledge ensures that I’m well-equipped to provide my patients with maximum care.  Knowing that my work makes a difference in their lives gives me great satisfaction."

Connie Wong
Senior Pharmacist
National Heart Centre Singapore

"As each patient Is unique, services in medical social work have been streamlined to match different needs. I take pride in seeking the best outcomes for my patients, and that to me, means pointing them to the most appropriate resources."

Ernalisah Binte Mohamad Subhi
Medical Social Worker, Psychosocial Oncology
National Cancer Centre Singapore

"The dynamic collaborations which attest to our strong research culture enable us to continually improve our standard of care. My work as a Scientific Officer contributes towards the development of personalised medicine. Knowing that I play an important role in improving lives makes my career truly rewarding."

Lim Tse Hui
Senior Principal Scientific Officer
Department of Pathology
Singapore General Hospital

"Working with young children can be challenging, yet meaningful. Watching each patient achieve a new milestone to reach their full potential gives me great satisfaction, knowing I have made an impact on someone’s life."

Melissa Yeong May Yan
Senior Occupational Therapist
KK Women's and Children's Hospital

"As a paediatric intensive care pharmacist, I’m often inspired by the strong fighting spirit I see in my young patients, most of whom are seriously ill. They are my source of motivation to continue improving my knowledge and skills, knowing that what I do can make a positive difference in their lives."

Dr Tan Wei Wei
Principal Clinical Pharmacist
KK Women's and Children's Hospital

"It gives me great satisfaction to know that I can make a positive impact on a patient’s life. Being a healthcare professional also means a commitment to lifelong learning, and that enables me to continue giving my best to our patients."

Tan Yee Jean
National Heart Centre Singapore

"Through evidence-based practice and teamwork, allied health professionals play a critical role in today’s multidisciplinary healthcare landscape. Working hand-in-hand with the healthcare team, I feel privileged to play a part in improving the lives of our patients."

Yee Mei Ling
Senior Principal Clinical Pharmacist
Singapore General Hospital